Friday, July 28, 2006

Truck Accessories includes Grilles, Part III

Today, we continue a series of posts that we are doing about different types of grilles for trucks. We previously spoke about billet grilles, and wire mesh or speed grilles. Today, we discuss Designer stainless grilles.

Designer Stainless Grilles
Designer stainless grilles are actually quite a broad category and encompass many different grille designs.

Most often, they are made out of stainless steel. Basically, it's a flat sheet of stainless steel that has a design cut into it, or cut out of it. No matter what you call it, the flat sheet of stainless is a blank canvas that just about any design can be cut out of.

Many popular styles include various types of flames, sports teams, tribal designs, dollar signs and thick bars. And almost all of them are bolt-over, meaning that there is no cutting or modification needed to install them.

And for you diesel truck guys, there is a designer stainless grille called "Whiteout." It's actually designed to block airflow to the radiator for quicker warming of the engine in extremely cold temperatures. And you thought replacement grilles were just for looks...

Either way, Designer stainless grilles look great and are a great buy.

That's all for today, if you need more information on designer stainless grilles, billet grilles, or wire mesh or speed grilles, visit Stylin' Concepts Custom Truck and SUV Accessories!

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Truck Accessories contains Grilles, Part II

You know, at, we really love to discuss different types of truck accessories.

Today is a continuation of our last post about different types of grilles available for trucks. We spoke about Billet Grilles last time. Today, we'll be discussing the next most popular type of grille, the Wire Mesh Grille.

Wire Mesh Grilles

Wire mesh grilles have been around in the racing world for a
long time. They offer superior air flow into the engine
compartment and great protection from debris. And let's not
forget that they look cool as hell.

There are only a couple of companies making grilles like this
right now, Street Scene, and Precision Design.

They've got their differences too. Precision uses actual wire
and weaves it together to get their wire mesh grille design.
Also, they have a thick border surrounding and hiding the edges
of the cut bars. They come in stainless steel and there are
different options for the thickness of the bars: 0.06" or 0.12"
Obviously, the thicker bars are more expensive.

Street Scene, on the other hand, uses a flat sheet of aluminum
and a wire mesh design is punched out of it in a manufacturing
process called Die Cutting. But the process in unimportant,
the end result is a grille that looks sporty and racy, and it's
very lightweight.

Speed Grilles from street scene come in a
host of finishes that can compliment any vehicle: Polished
Stainless, Brushed Aluminum, Chrome and Black Chrome.

That's all for today, if you need more information on wire mesh grilles or speed grilles, visit Stylin' Concepts Custom Truck and SUV Accessories!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Truck Accessories includes Grilles!

You know, at, we really love to discuss different types of truck accessories.

For example, let's talk about grilles for trucks. Some people spell grille with an "e" and some don't. It's cool either way,
we all know what you're talking about. But, let's get down to the nitty gritty of what's up with grilles.

So, you've got a factory truck. And by factory truck, I mean stock, with no mods. So you're sittin' on the front porch and
thinking to yourself, "Hey, I sure could use a new grille on my truck." So you get on the computer and you start looking up
different types of grilles.

Now you're starting to freak out. There are many different types of grilles available on the market for trucks. Over the next few posts, we'll talk about them briefly:

Billet Grilles
These bad boys are the tried and true classic grille design.
Billet grilles feature thin bars (like a cooking grill) that
run horizontally across the front of your truck.

Most often, they are manufactured out of Aluminum. Typically
you can get these in a polished finish that is very
chrome-like, or in a brushed finish that is just dull gray

These can come in stainless steel too. The whole grille setup
would still be made of aluminum, but the fronts have stainless
inserts. Stainless steel is a tougher metal than aluminum and
the finish stays cleaner and brighter for much longer than an
aluminum billet grille.

But with proper care, any billet grille will last the lifetime
of the truck.

For more information on different types of billet grilles or to research and check prices, check out Stylin' Concepts Custom Truck and SUV Accessories!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Truck Accessories can take you to stardom!

You know, truck accessories are a funny thing. You can get many different things, but they all pull together into a main theme for your truck. Accessories can range from power-adders, like an air intake system or exhaust system, to styling accessories, like window visors, hood guards, and many other items.
Many people take their truck accessories for granted, but you really shouldn’t. The right combination of accessories can take your truck from driveway loser to truck accessory stardom. See, we’ve just launched this blog, so follow along and pay attention. You just might learn something about the wild, wild world of Truck Accessories