Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Truck Accessories includes Grilles!

You know, at, we really love to discuss different types of truck accessories.

For example, let's talk about grilles for trucks. Some people spell grille with an "e" and some don't. It's cool either way,
we all know what you're talking about. But, let's get down to the nitty gritty of what's up with grilles.

So, you've got a factory truck. And by factory truck, I mean stock, with no mods. So you're sittin' on the front porch and
thinking to yourself, "Hey, I sure could use a new grille on my truck." So you get on the computer and you start looking up
different types of grilles.

Now you're starting to freak out. There are many different types of grilles available on the market for trucks. Over the next few posts, we'll talk about them briefly:

Billet Grilles
These bad boys are the tried and true classic grille design.
Billet grilles feature thin bars (like a cooking grill) that
run horizontally across the front of your truck.

Most often, they are manufactured out of Aluminum. Typically
you can get these in a polished finish that is very
chrome-like, or in a brushed finish that is just dull gray

These can come in stainless steel too. The whole grille setup
would still be made of aluminum, but the fronts have stainless
inserts. Stainless steel is a tougher metal than aluminum and
the finish stays cleaner and brighter for much longer than an
aluminum billet grille.

But with proper care, any billet grille will last the lifetime
of the truck.

For more information on different types of billet grilles or to research and check prices, check out Stylin' Concepts Custom Truck and SUV Accessories!

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